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 Specialist Translations


Our qualified specialist translators translate your texts into the desired target language on time, precisely and in painstaking compliance with the correct technical terminology. There are no limits to what we offer, just as our motto implies: from any language – into any language, and in any field! Simply contact us for your no-obligation quote.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • education and culture
  • chemistry
  • gastronomy and tourism
  • industry and technology
  • IT
  • lifestyle, health and Nutrition
  • marketing
  • market Research
  • medicine and pharmacy
  • medical technology
  • law
  • economy, trade, finance

Including documents such as:

  • operating instructions
  • commercal register entries
  • websites (plus GTC and privacy policy)
  • financial statements
  • clinical studies
  • patent specifications
  • product sheets
  • security data sheets
  • technical documentation
  • contracts
  • advertsing and marketing material




Project and terminology management

First of all, we get an overview of your documents and the specific requirements for the translation. When is it needed by, in what format does it have to be delivered, are there any terminological specifications?

To ensure the consistent use of technical terms or standard sentences, we work with Trados, a CAT (computer-aided translation) tool which uses what are known as translation memories (TMs).

Upon request, we can create a TM database for you in which previous translations are stored in the form of translation segments (usually sentences) and considered in later translations. You also have the option of creating your own termbase with your technical terms. If you already have a terminology database, we can convert it into a compatible format for you and integrate it into Trados.

One big advantage of all this for you, of course, is that it allows us to precisely record repetitions, which cost less accordingly.




Your benefits with ECS



Procedure and pricing

We look forward to hearing from you in person, whether on the phone, by email or via our online request form – which lets you conveniently send us your documents for translation. We do of course treat all documents strictly confidentially and in accordance with data protection provisions.

We calculate our cost estimates individually, based on the scope, subject matter and level of difficulty of your documents. Further criteria are the intended target language, your desired deadline and any additional requirements on your part – for example, the preferred delivery method, express service, certification, etc.
For more extensive texts we will charge you a reduced flat rate, which we calculate based on our line prices. This means we also offer you excellent value for money.

Certification of translations

Of course, all specialist translations – regardless of the field – can also be certified. Certification is required if the translation has to be registered for official purposes or presented to offices, authorities or in a court of law. But even in cases when certification is not absolutely necessary, it offers you a certain security, for example with contract texts.

Further information is available here.