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Certified Translations


Do you need a certified translation of your deeds, certificates or other documents?

ECS offers this very service for all languages – from Arabic to Zaza – and our prices are fair. Simply pay us a visit at one of our more than 100 branches across the country.

What exactly is a certification?

In the case of translations that have to be registered for official purposes or presented to offices, authorities or in a court of law, they usually have to be certified. This is a declaration by a sworn translator that the translation is a correct and complete reproduction of the original document in the target language. This is confirmed and documented with a stamp. It helps us if you can provide us with the original document or a certified copy of it.

Certified translations are useful or necessary for the following documents:


Official deeds and certificates

Residence permits, assurances of citizenship , certificates of good conduct, birth certificates, court rulings, marriage certificates, registration certificates, name changes, pension certificates, divorce documents, renunciations of citizenship, family registers, death certificates, insurance documents, contracts (employment contracts, purchase contracts etc.), powers of attorney, medical certificates

Diplomas and degrees

School leaving certificates, diplomas from colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities, medical licences, doctoral certificates;

Professional records such as employment record books, references, letters of recommendation and internship certificates etc.

Important corporate documents

All documents for submission to German and foreign authorities (consulates, embassies, chambers of commerce etc.), such as excerpts from the commercial register, declarations of conformity, certificates of origin and, if applicable, annual reports, etc.

Of course, you can also have all other documents from our Specialist Translation service certified.

"How much does a translation cost?" - It depends on the size of the documents and the language. The price is usually calculated based on fixed standard lines, which we have to count first. This is why it is hard to tell you a price immediately. 

"What should I do?" - Bring the documents which Need to be translated to one of our branches or simply send them to us by email or via the online request form. This will allow us to prepare a no-obligation quote for you first. If you have any questions, we are of course happy to advise you in advance by telephone.