ECS offers professional interpreting services for all languages and fields. Whether in the business sector or for a private event, you can count on our qualified and experienced interpreters and teams of interpreters – including sworn interpreters for official appointments if necessary.


Interpreting in a business setting

In certain situations, there is no room for misinterpretations or even misunderstandings. Whether on a small or large scale, our experienced interpreters ensure efficient and clear communication, e.g. at:

  • product presentations
  • factory tours
  • training of foreign-language staff
  • conferences, meetings, seminars and conventions
  • trade fair stands and visits
  • sales and contract negotiations
  • market research studies
  • any many more


Your advantage with ECS: You will have your own personal contact person throughout the entire planning and execution process, giving you the best advice, support and assistance.

We will fulfil your individual requirements on the best possible terms – whether you want to use one or more interpreters for a presentation, a guided tour of your factory, or need assistance at a notary public, in court or at the registry office.

Interpreting services for private clients

Have you been told to bring an interpreter to an appointment? We organise local interpreters, including sworn interpreters if necessary, for assignments such as:

  • notary public appointments (transfer of house or property, inheritance law, sale of house or property, family matters etc.)
  • court appointments (criminal law, testimonies, divorce cases, custody negotiations etc.)
  • registry office appointments (marriage registration, marriage etc.)
  • medical examinations
  • and all other everyday cases, such as telephone calls abroad

Simultaneous or consecutive?

Simultaneous interpreting, which means translation into the target language while the person is speaking, is something of an elite cognitive sport, which is why interpreters usually work in teams, alternating every 20 to 30 minutes. Presentations, for example, are typically interpreted simultaneously. We can organise the necessary equipment (headsets, interpreting booths, etc.) upon request.

With consecutive interpreting, the speaker and interpreter take it in turns to speak. For shorter presentations or conversations, e.g. medical examinations, this type of interpreting is usually sufficient and requires no special interpreting equipment.

 We also offer

  • advice on organising multilingual events, conferences etc.
  • equipment, e.g. microphones and headsets, interpreting booths etc.
  • translation of accompanying documents