From any language – into any language… …and in any field! ECS helps you overcome language barriers, for example offering specialist translations in the fields of law, business, technology or medicine, certified translations of documents and certificates, but also the professional support of our interpreters. Request a quote now

ECS – Your Foreign Language Specialists

ECS – Euro-Communication-Service is the language service of ESO Education Group, one of the largest associations of private education providers in Germany – so we’re probably very close to you! ECS has been a competent partner for translations, interpreting, proofreading, language tests and training since 1998, acquiring DIN EN ISO 9001 certification in June 2000.

Stockstadt calling!

This is the name of our current campaign to further promote our translation and interpreting services in the region. Close, tangible, personal, human – this is what sets ECS apart from other large translation agencies.

As the icing on the cake, we now offer clients in Stockstadt a free courier service to deliver urgent translations straight to your door.



Your Benefits with ECS

Our Branches

As a member of ESO Education Group, which boasts more than 120 member institutions nationwide, an ECS ‘outpost’ is bound to be located near you. This lets you stay in personal, direct contact and easily seek advice. And it helps us to avoid you having to surrender your valuable documents to us.

Take a look here to find out which ESO branch is near you. Alternatively, you can contact our headquarters and someone will be happy to discuss your needs.

Translations for Migrants

Certified translation, super-legalisation, apostille... We keep track of the translations of certificates, documents or citizenship matters required by the authorities. Here you can find information on the services we offer migrants nationwide in cooperation with the Euro-Schools:

Übersetzung benötigt? / Translation needed?